Custom gift notebooks


The perfect gift is beautiful, interesting and practical. We also add one more bonus to its description – personalised. With our custom notebooks, we bring all these features together to help you surprise your loved ones or delight yourself. We invest creativity and inspiration to offer you flexible and non-standard solutions for gift notebooks that accompany their owner everywhere, because you never know when a brilliant idea will strike that you need to write down immediately.

Surprise your loved ones with personalised notebooks made to order

The different custom notebook options we offer are truly special. Mostly because you put a part of yourself into their creation. You can choose a colour, print, add cover text or a cover image. Some models also allow you to choose the design of the internal pages, where you can add a section for events, dates, stickers, distribution of finances, day planner, etc. In this way, you create the perfect gift!

Gift notebooks – an original idea for any occasion

GPTS online store gives you the opportunity to order something original and non-standard, realise your idea and make your loved one happy. Take a look at our suggestions for gift notebooks and choose the one in which your loved ones, and you yourself, will be happy to write down all your thoughts, plans and goals in.

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