Printing on textile


A unique identity that reaches many people is the strongest advertisement for a growing business. That’s why we at GPTS offer you premium textile printing. Our designers will create a unique vision and attractive advertisement for your project, your hobby or your business which will surely be noticed.

Brand whatever you wish – hats, backpacks, workwear or other items. We work with individual projects, and our team can prepare for you a complete concept that fits your ideas perfectly.

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High quality printing on textiles

Original solutions are always winning ones. Turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece that will work for you. You can order single items, small series or larger quantities from us. High-quality textile printing is an easy and affordable way to get your message out to large groups of customers and make a big impression!

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Printing on textile - hats, backpacks, uniforms? Just ask!

The possibilities are truly endless – printing on shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, workwear, terry cloth items, pillowcases, all kinds of cotton, lycra, polyester blends and more. The only thing you need to take advantage of these technologies is your imagination and ideas and our experience in high-quality printing on textiles.

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Technology of printing on textiles

There is a real variety of technologies for high-quality printing – screen printing, direct to garment printing (DTG printing), sublimation printing, printed foil – solvent, flock and foil printing, printed foil – printer. Each of them has its advantages and peculiarities, but the main thing you should be aware of is that the quality of the finished product is a combination of three things – first-class, modern equipment, inks of proven origin and guarantee and the skills of the specialists who must judge which type of printing is most effective for the specific product. We employ professionals with long experience who will recommend the best options for your textiles.

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