Digital print

The advantage of our digital printing is that you do not need to comply with a minimum print quantity. The price for small runs is significantly lower than that for offset printing, because of the flexibility that the technology allows. You are also guaranteed shorter production times and something extremely important – the possibility of changes and corrections at the last moment. If you only need a single copy – this can happen thanks to premium digital printing.


GPTS offers high quality digital printing. The technology enables non-standard and individual solutions with changing information for each item. We can produce a variety of products on different types of paper – leaflets, business cards, posters, stickers, menus, catalogues, calendars and packaging.

Digital printing is particularly suitable for products that require personalization – badges, cards, certificates, invitations, certificates and envelopes. Each item we make can have a different barcode, name, number, etc.

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Another advantage of the technology is that all prints are guaranteed to be the same quality and ready for use seconds after leaving the machine. Digital printing is the optimal option when each copy needs to be unique. You can print various texts and images, graphics and variable data. An example of such customization is a poster run for a series of events with a different date and location.

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Innovative digital technologies eliminate the downside of offset printing – variations in the brightness of copies, no differences in colours, no loss of copies and other benefits.

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All that remains is to unleash your creativity and get a perfect result in a short time with optimal product quality.

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